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Elections Aftermath

  1. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announced that they want to form a government with ALDE and maybe even with UDMR. 2. Dragnea refused to give a clear answer about the person supported by PSD to be Prime Minister but said that deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dincu “is not a Prime Minister option”. He even […]

Results of the elections

Only the parties that have passed the 5% threshold will enter the Parliament. The votes for the parties below the electoral threshold will be redistributed proportionally to the parliamentary parties. PSD decisively won the December 11th parliamentary elections, beating even the most optimistic opinion polls. The Social Democrats have 46% of the votes, followed by […]

Our crystal ball

The most important aspect of the next period is the way in which the two groups (the PSD group and the pro-Ciolos group) are trying to influence the outcome of the elections. After PNL and USR scored some points by supporting Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos to continue as head of the Government, PSD and ALDE […]

Before Elections

  The electoral campaign for the December 11th parliamentary elections is in its final days and all the political parties are trying to maximize their score and to attack their opponents. Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and President Klaus Iohannis were also involved in the campaign, directly or indirectly, trying to increase the score for PNL […]

Key Moments

7 december 2016 Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos went to Antena 3 TV on Tuesday night, just hours after saying that this television station is a “swamp” and he needs to put his rubber boots on before going there and take a shower afterwards. Journalist Mihai Gadea tried to confront him aggressively on this declaration but […]

Who’s In, Who’s Out

All parties will give their voters an opportunity to elect newcomers to the Parliament and even people from outside politics. New names from different fields of activity such as civil society, business, health system, and sports are on the lists. The “career politicians” still dominate, but we see clearly a notable opening towards new faces […]

The promises

Generally, all parties have pro-business attitudes and centrist or center-right policy proposals, although they seem to encourage a certain nationalist discourse, doubled by many populistic measures. All parties propose tax reduction or elimination and more favorable conditions for doing business. However, both the two big parties (PSD and PNL) propose “sovereign funds” or “development funds” controlled by […]

Opinion polls

Kantar Media polls Nicusor Dan, the president of Union Save Romania (USR), announced on Wednesday the results of a Kantar Media opinion poll which put his party on the second position in voters’ preferences, with 19%, behind PSD (40%) but before PNL (18%). The reliability of the poll is under question as it only surveyed […]

Future government

  If no party has a clear majority, namely 50% +1, the President usually calls the parties to negotiations and nominates a Prime Minister. He is not obligated to nominate the party or alliance which wins the highest score. The President can also dissolve the Parliament and call for an election if the MPs refuse […]