Monthly Archives: February 2017

It’s not over: Political tension and unpredictable outcomes

     The Government’s decision to abrogate Emergency Ordinance 13 that de-criminalized certain criminal offenses including abuse of office and the resignation of Justice Minister Florin Iordache failed to calm the protests and the political tensions, although both of them have been somewhat scaled down.      The protesters continue to ask for the Government’s resignation because […]

Government scraps controversial decree, huge protests continue

     The Romanian Government abrogated Emergency Ordinance 13 that would have decriminalized certain legal offenses, including abuse of office, on Sunday February 5th following massive street demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of people.      However, that didn’t stop the street protests and the same day new record demonstrations were held in most Romanian cities. The […]

Huge protests, high risk for instability

     The PSD-ALDE Government’s decision to adopt an Emergency Ordinance to decriminalize certain criminal offenses, including the very important abuse of office, and to adopt a draft bill to pardon many categories of convicts, has led to a political and institutional crisis and to the largest street protests seen in democratic Romania.      The Ordinance […]