Monthly Archives: January 2017

America has decided!

Republican Donald Trump won an unexpected victory in the American presidential elections, beating Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. His victory was fueled by an ever-growing anti-establishment feeling, especially among working-class white men. However, Hillary Clinton would have probably won the race if it wasn’t for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s decision to investigate a new […]

Modification of anticorruption law: High risk of instability

     The Government’s intention to modify the legislation through Emergency Ordinance that would result in the saving of hundreds of important politicians and other important figures, as well as a partial pardon for rapists and pedophiles from the justice’s arms represents an issue with the potential of bringing high levels of social and political instability. […]

Romania has a new Government after the Parliament voted on Wednesday for the PSD-ALDE cabinet led by Sorin Grindeanu.

The Senators and Deputies approved the new Executive with a large majority as along PSD and ALDE, UDMR and the group of national minorities are also part of the parliamentary coalition and voted for. The results of the votes: ·         295 votes for the new Government (out of a total of 463) ·         133 votes […]