President Klaus Iohannis accepted on Friday morning PSD’s proposal for the Prime Minister position, Sorin Grindeanu, giving the 43 years old politician a mandate to form the next Government after he had previously refused PSD’s first proposal, Sevil Shhaideh.
Now Grindeanu has 10 days to select his Cabinet and to go to the Parliament for a vote that is just a formality at the moment given the high support the majority coalition has in the Legislative.
However, given the very short time remaining until the end of the year, almost certainly the Grindeanu cabinet will receive the vote from the Parliament in the first days of 2017. The PSD MP’s were called to work in the 2-7th of January week, in a special session. This delay means that the years starts with the VAT reduced to 19%, with the infrastructure tax and excise duty for fuel eliminated, but PSD might reverse the measures contained in the Fiscal Code in order to have a balanced budget.
Grindeanu is expected to be voted not only by PSD but also by ALDE and UDMR, so he will have no problem in becoming Prime Minister.

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