Only the parties that have passed the 5% threshold will enter the Parliament. The votes for the parties below the electoral threshold will be redistributed proportionally to the parliamentary parties.

PSD decisively won the December 11th parliamentary elections, beating even the most optimistic opinion polls. The Social Democrats have 46% of the votes, followed by PNL with just 20%, USR with 9%, Hungarian ethnic party UDMR with 6.5%, ALDE with 6% and PMP just barely above the electoral threshold with 5.5%.
With this score, PSD can form the new government without the help of any other party as it will have above 50% of the parliamentary mandates after the redistribution of the votes for the parties that have failed to pass the electoral threshold.
PSD won the vote in almost all of Romania’s counties, except for 7 of them (4 wonby UDMR: Satu Mare, Mureș, Harghita, Covasna; and 3 by PNL: Cluj, Alba, Sibiu).
Other political parties were left outside the Parliament, including extremist United Romania Party, supported by Sebastian Ghita.
About 7.3 million Romanians voted in these elections, just below 40% of the voting-age citizens.



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