All parties will give their voters an opportunity to elect newcomers to the Parliament and even people from outside politics. New names from different fields of activity such as civil society, business, health system, and sports are on the lists.
The “career politicians” still dominate, but we see clearly a notable opening towards new faces as the justice system or the political and social context lead to changes.

USR offer
The newest significant party of these elections, USR, has brought an entire legion of newcomers in politics. Many pro-business, center-right candidates (especially in Bucharest and Iasi), but also left-wing activists have decided to run for a seat in the Parliament for Union Save Romania.
Cristian Ghinea (European Funds minister), Ionut Mosteanu (state secretary at Transports Ministry), Dan Barna (state secretary at European Funds Ministry), Tudor Pop (chief of staff at European Funds Ministry), Manuel Costescu (state secretary at Economy Ministry), Oana Bizgan (chief of staff at the Economy Ministry), Claudiu Nasui (advisor at Ministry of Finance) will all be candidates for Union Save Romania (USR). They all resigned from the Government.

Left-wing activists like Mihai Gotiu (Cluj), Willy Schuster (Sibiu) and Florina Presada (Bucharest) are also on the USR lists with chances of being part of the next Parliament.

PNL offer
The liberal candidates already validated by the party`s leadership are mainly members of the county organizations, like mayors, county councilors, but also newcomers from other fields such as health, economy and education.
Veteran neurosurgeon Leon Danaila opens the list of PNL for Senate in Bucharest. Florin Citu, ex-Chief Economist with ING and a critic of BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu, is one of the newcomers, together with Hildegard Helene Brandl, architect and member of the Repatriot association. Also, Mara Calista, fomer personal advisor of the Prime Minister Ciolos will run for a seat at Teleorman.

PSD offer
The social democrats` newcomers are well-reputed members of the civil society. Ciprian Necula, former secretary of State with Ministry of European Funds and public human rights activist, is one of the candidates. Also, Florin Manole, member of the Anti-Discrimination Council, and Oana Florea, human rights activists are on the PSD lists in Bucharest. PSD youth leader, Gabriel Petrea, opens the list for Chamber of Deputies in Bucharest.

Who’s out?

Well-known politicians from PSD and PNL are not on the parliamentary lists for different political and legal reasons.
From PNL, deputy Andreea Paul, former ministers Gheorghe Ialomitianu, Mariana Campeanu, Traian Igas and Puiu Hasotti are no longer on the lists. Also, politicians with legal problems did step back from the political arena – Vasile Blaga, Ludovic Orban or Dan Motreanu.
Influential PSD politicians will not be on the parliamentary lists in December 11th: Senate Vice-President Ioan Chelaru, Chamber of Deputies group leader Florin Pislaru, influential Deputy Rodica Nassar, local leaders like Ion Calinoiu (Gorj county) and Ioan Cindrea (Sibiu) are some of the most notable names.

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